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  • Plants Teach Us About Christ

    cornof wheat3 After having this verse stuck in my head, yet not fully understanding it’s meaning, and then discovering to my amazement it was in the exact chapter I happened to be on in my daily Bible reading I thought I better take a closer look at it. If you don’t think Jesus is alive, and cares about us read a chapter of the New Testament every day for a year and you begin to understand how He talks to us through His Word! I decided I would illustrate the verse to get a clearer understanding on my new computerized sketch pad, I was blown away because the gospel is demonstrated in every seed that falls to the earth! I had to use this today as a lesson to show my children in school! I thought is was amazing how Christ has tied the gospel into His creation everywhere we look! The whole creation screams the name of Christ, His death, burial, and resurrection. Many false cults want to distort and deny Jesus died, was buried and rose so our sins could be forgiven by His work alone but the creation screams the truth every where we look! If we believe Jesus is who He said He is,”God with us”, or “God manifest in the flesh”, and that He died to make full atonement for our sins so we could have everlasting life we can be saved. Any distortion of the truth will NOT save us from Hell. Jesus said narrow is the way to eternal life…not because it’s something we have to work for but because there are so many distortions of the truth. To be saved we must “call upon His name” or pray and ask Jesus to save us because we are sinners. “I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” Matthew 9:13

    - Alyssa Korzeniewski

  • I’m Leaving!

    ALyssaCAI’m leaving and it’s not me it’s you! It’s really a good thing, but the combination of LOTS of traffic and MANY pictures doesn’t equal a fast working blog! So I will be splitting into  3 blogs named:




    I’m very glad all of you take time to stop here and see my latest paintings you’ll have to bear with me as I make this transition moving and separating my paintings on to these blogs so that we can all have room to breath, and not have to wait a LONG time to see a picture! I’m sure we will all have more fun this way. The way the paintings will be broken down is this:

    jesusartist.wordpress.com–Jesus Artist Blog will contain all my paintings of Jesus

    alyssakorzeniewskiart.wordpress.com–Alyssa Korzeniewski blog will contain all of my more secular work

    creationartist.wordpress.com–Creation Artist blog will contain my Bible paintings other than Jesus

    God Bless,

    Alyssa Korzeniewski Rom 8:28


  • Is Evolution True?


    This video I made with the help of my son Pete! He has been plagued with autism and birth defects so he is the perfect example to show that mutations are not beneficial. They never have been and never will be, and cannot be the mechanism for evolution!

  • Daniel In The Lions Den


    “Daniel In The Lion’s Den Writing To God” -Illustration For A Creation Science Evangelism Ministry of Kent Hovind (Only Kent Hovind has my permission to use this illustration)

    I will be working for a few months on illustrations to help Kent Hovind’s ministry, and not posting a whole lot of new Paintings for a while!

    To check out Kent Hovind ministry updates or see his videos visit http://www.2peter3.com/